Personal Introduction

Born in 1988, Worked in English Education, Oversea Marketing, Business Development industries previously. Currently working as product manager at an Internet company located in Shanshan District, Shenzhen.

Character Tags
Bolton Abbey

Education Background

I knew they are useless

Huizhou Daya Bay Aotou Central Primary School

Huizhou Daya Bay Aotou High School

SQA HND program at Beijing Normal University

University of Bradford International Business Economics Bachelor of Sciences

University of Bradford Peace Study Master of Arts

Some Skills

I enjoy learning ^_^

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Axure, Visio, Photoshop

Product Planning, Front-end Development,UX Design,SEO, Oversea Markedt Promotion, Growth Hacker, VPN Expert, etc.

Familiar with Mobile Internet, Responsive layout

Caring for user experiences.Researched major Apps functions and product requirements

Constantly looking into Internet eco system, Internet Finance, Education, Live Broadcast, O2O, etc.

Following Startup and Venture Capital realm. Knows about successful and failed startup business

London Bridge
London Eye

Frequently visited websites

I am super GFW climber, no matter how difficult it is, I will always figure out a way

Youtube(subscribed lots of channels), Google(the main purpose for bypassing GFW)

Economist, Financial Times

Zhihu, iMOOC, Netease Cloud Course, Quora,TED,Coursera


36kr, ifanr, huxiu, iampm,chuapp

Interest & Hobby

Lots, please press the top rightMorebutton for detail

Favourite Music -- I used to listen to music a lot. Now, I feel that silence is also a kind of music in some sense

Joe Hisashi,Kenji Kawa

Secret Garden, Enya, Sissel

Linkin Park, Two Steps From Hell

Perfume,Miyuki Nakashima

Country Music Electronic Sound, Classics

Favourite Games -- I play games for a rest of my soul

Dota(Good at Spectre, Terro Blade, Doom Binger, Ember Spirit, Captain Coco, Pudge, Shadow Fiends)-- not my favourite game, but spent a whole lot time in it.........

Rockman (X4, X8) Devil May Cry, Darksider, Fate, Prototype

Sangoku Mushou, Tokiden (Reaping games, but these offline PC games really can chill me up and make me calm down compared with online game, especially when you watch you level upgrade and repeat the movements. It made me forget loneliness

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Shadow of Death (the most long-lasting Round Strategy Game I ever palyed. I finished all the Campaign and Chronicles

Dumga Lumpa (PSP games, I palyed first and secend edition and it is really super game), Patapon

Eyu Densetsu, Especially Sora No Kiseki Trilogy. I also like Zero No Kiseki and Ao No Kiseki

Favourite Movies and Directores -- I like different kinds of movies, and I rarely watch them for a second time. As I thought this will spoil my first feeling. First feeling is not comprehensive, however, it is beautiful.

Stanley Kubric,Darren Arronovsky(Requiem of a Dream)

The good, the bad and the ugly Trilogy(starring )

Kim Ki Duk (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring, etc)

Tim Burton, Quentin Tarantino

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit, Matrix, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror and Thriller

IMDB Top 250 almost finished

Favourite public figures, programs and blogs. I just pretend, I read far more less than I have downlaoded

Haruki Murakami

Kim Yong, Gu Long

Liam Man Tao,Top Kit

Libin Xu (not a public figure yet)

Bahamut Game Crazy,Lin Yuzhi(GameEX)

Douwentao(Qiangqiang Three Man)

Huangjiwei(Sojourner of Solace)

Cartoons and Manga -- Is that my taste is a bit different

Chihiro Kamikakushi,Phamton Princess,Lapyuta - Castle in the Sky,Miyazaki Hayao and Mamoru Ioshi


Blade of the Immortal(The latter plot is not as excellent as beginning)

Kouga Ninpou Cho, Ninja Scroll

Fate stay night

Natsume Uyujinjou,Mushishi

What do I usually do? -- I am Otaku, I do nothing

Meditation(actually dazing)

learning Javascript and other skills

Running in the Shenzhen University after work

Playing games, watching movies

Reading ebooks, usually related with my work, Apocalyse, User Experiences, Design, etc

Pondering over my life,Future development planning

Industy related information,Internet Starter,Risk Investment, etc.